UNDATED (CNN) -- Justin Bieber has made a big appearance, not on a marquee, but in a police report. And a legendary singer is singing the taxman blues.

Justin Bieber could end up in trouble with the law. Los Angeles sheriff's deputies were called to his gated community Tuesday morning after reports of some type of confrontation between Bieber and his neighbor.

A police spokesperson says the unidentified fellow resident accused Bieber of, quote, battery and threats. An investigation is ongoing with charges against the singer a possibility.

One of America's favorite reality TV families could be expanding. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar tell People magazine they're considering adoption.

The stars of TLC's "19 Kids and Counting" have 19 children, two grandchildren and a third on the way. Michelle Duggar says the younger children are pushing their parents to bring another baby into the family.

Whether they adopt or have another biological child, the Duggar parents say they will approach any changes with an open heart.

Dionne Warwick is down to her last $1,000. The singer filed for bankruptcy last week, saying she owes more than $10 million in taxes dating back to the early 1990s.

She listed her monthly income as less than $21,000 and almost as much in expenses although she is eligible for a pension.

The singer's publicist admits past financial mismanagement, but says her current problems are more from penalties that accumulated while tax authorities refused her settlement proposals.

Bieber's camp responded to the accusations, saying "There was no physical contact. The neighbor went onto Justin's property. They exchanged words. The neighbor has had issues before."

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