HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) -- For the second time in the past month, a Downtown Hot Springs business received an unexpected surprise crashing through its front door.

Back in late February, a deer ran through an art gallery. This time around a white pick-up truck took out part of a souvenir shop along Central Avenue on Wednesday morning, and THV 11 News has the surveillance video.

"Oh, there it went," said Tom Daniel while watching store surveillance video of a crash into his business Wednesday morning. That crash now has part of Daniel's souvenir shop boarded up along Central Avenue in Downtown Hot Springs. "Here come the fire department guys now."

Firefighters arrived minutes later around 7:45 a.m. as police lights reflect off the truck's rear window. They're checking on what Hot Springs Police said is a 64-year-old female driver from Hot Springs. Police said she had some sort of medical condition, causing her to black out and crash into a sidewalk window display area of Daniel's store.

"Broke all the glass out, destroyed all the fixtures and came up into the building into the pit that you see here," Daniel said, showing THV 11 a hole in the front of his door.

It's a visible void left over from the crash here and at the end of the register.

"There was glass sticking out of these places here as though it has been a tornado, like it had been thrown like a knife," Daniel said, showing us cuts in the wood at the end of the register.

Daniel found out Wednesday that it will take two weeks to clean all of the damage up. He said that it's not the best timing for a tourist-oriented business.

"This is the time of year that you have the last week of Spring Break, and you go into the Racing Festival of the South, and it brings a lot of tourists to Hot Springs," Daniel said.

He's hoping to reopen sooner if he can, while the work is underway, and put this Wednesday morning wake-up call behind him.

If Daniel has to close for the next two weeks, he expects about a $30,000 loss in business.
The crash happened before the store was open, so no employees were injured. As for the driver, police said she went to the hospital, and it appears she will recover.

Police also said the driver hit two parked cars along Central Avenue before crashing into the store. Daniel heard from witnesses that the driver totaled one of those cars, but a police spokesman could not confirm that on Wednesday night.

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