UNDATED (CNN) -- A Florida kayaker was not prepared for what he found in the water, a pregnant possum. He rescued the animal and captured it on camera. The video has gone viral. He is being credited with not only saving one animal, but possibly an entire family.

Eric Markt is an avid kayaker. He spends plenty of time paddling out here checking out the wildlife. He says, "At first I thought it a dog, I thought it was like a small dog."

But he did not expect to find this little lady swimming in Biscayne Bay. Markt says, "When I saw it was a possum I almost kept paddling, I'm like 'you know it's a possum.' It's somewhat of a nuisance some people would say."

Good thing he didn't pass on this possum. Turns out she was with babies. He says, "As soon as that - I saw that she was pregnant it was time to, you know, get her back to safety so she could rest and you know circle of life an everything."

This awesome possum protector promptly put her on the bow of his kayak and headed to dry land so she could give birth. Markt says, "She was maybe swimming from one of the small islands near Diner Key trying to get back to the shore."

Even though the video was shot in Coconut Grove right out there on Biscayne Bay, the possum rescue has gone global. People all around the world are watching. Markt says, "Possum whisperer. I got a t-shirt from Amazon 'awesome possum.' You know, it's my fifteen minutes."

But he didn't just save this maroon marsupial, he may have helped deliver her litter. He says, "I like to think that I saved the other possums. Sorry to my neighbors for introducing baby possums to the neighborhood."

Known for being nocturnal with poor eyesight, Eric has become popular in protecting possums. He says, "I'm an animal lover so I felt it was the right thing to do and you know now when I go out kayaking since then I'm waiting for whatever animals are going to come swim up and have me save them."

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