LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Arkansas Business) -- Renewed worries about Europe's debt crisis weighed on the Dow on Wednesday and held the S&P back from reaching an all-time high.

Investors keep eye on Cyrpus

Investors are watching to see if Cyprus can shore up its banking system. They're also concerned about Italy, where political parties are struggling to form a new government.

Things could have been worse. The Dow had dropped as many as 120 points in morning trading and then spent the rest of the day climbing back.

Wal-Mart may incur a loss due to investigations

Here in Arkansas, a surprise from the world's largest retailer.

Wal-Mart announcing in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission late Tuesday that it is (quote) "probable" that the world's largest retailer will incur a loss due to ongoing bribery investigations by itself and government agencies.

The retailer said it is too early to speculate on the size of the damage.

Wal-Mart Stores has been dealing with allegations that surfaced last April that it failed to notify law enforcement that company officials authorized millions of dollars in payments in Mexico to speed up getting building permits and gain other favors.

In another filing, Wal-Mart said that it expects to incur costs above the $157 million it spent on internal investigations into the matter in fiscal 2013.

Alotian Club ready to open its doors for summer

And finally, central Arkansas' ultra-exclusive Alotian Club is getting ready to open its doors to the public for the first time this summer.

The golf course, built and owned by billionaire financier Warren Stephens, is hosting the 2013 Western Amateur golf tournament from July 29 to Aug. 4.

The event will bring the top amateur golfers in the country, many bound for the PGA, to the Alotian Club.

Stephens, along with Western Amateur officials, hosted a news conference Wednesday to go over details.

For the first time in Alotian's short history, spectators will be allowed on the course to watch the tournament. Tickets will go on sale April 15th.

But you can also volunteer at the tournament helping with everything from concessions to ball spotting to registration.

And you can sign up for that right now, at

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