UNDATED (CNN) -- A Russian photographer scales the great pyramid of Giza to get some incredible shots. It's a look at Egypt's famous pyramids from a perspective you've never seen before courtesy of a Russian photographer who was lucky to snap the pictures without getting arrested!

It's a view so exclusive it's illegal: standing atop Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the seven ancient wonders of the world.

These spectacular photos were shot by a group of daredevil Russian photographers. One of them is Vitaliy Raskalov. He says, "We saw the old photographs of the pyramids and decided to climb on it."

Climbing the Great Pyramid is strictly off limits. Raskalov and his friends made their unauthorized ascent at sunset, more than 450-feet to the top, where they shot some amazing aerial shots of the pyramids, the sphinx and the surrounding desert then escaped unnoticed.

One of Raskalov's colleagues told quote: "we were very lucky not to get [caught]. We would have been in serious trouble if we did." Raskalov says, "That's why I would like to apologize for this ascension. We didn't want to insult anyone. We were just following the dream."

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