UNDATED (CNN) -- Why walk around the golf course when you can hover? This isn't a question out of a science fiction story. It's very real.

It's a golf cart that's anything but par for the course. And it had wannabe drivers drooling watching Masters champ Bubba Watson tooling around in a modified hovercraft zipping over water hazards. He says, "No. it's not a gag. This is the real deal. Me and Oakley (his sponsor) teamed up."

It took two months for this prototype to be adapted by a company called Neoteric Hovercraft. It's been building hovercraft for more than 50 years.

The great thing about a golf hovercraft is it doesn't mess up the grass, says company president Chris Fitzgerald. He says, "You leave absolutely not a trace. It's about the same force as a seagull standing on one leg. Now some golfers might be tempted to take a club to the hovercraft. The thing makes about as much noise as a vacuum cleaner or an electric leaf blower."

Make that several leaf blowers; though they have reduced the engine noise some and hope to reduce it more.

The controls are on a handlebar like a motorcycle. It's a little like flying a helicopter. Hovercraft are especially good for rescues on ice and in swift moving flood waters. But it took a golf cart version to get everyone excited. YouTube commenters say "should've called it the bubba hova," or "bubbacraft." the small company that made the prototype is being flooded with orders from golf courses worldwide, but it won't be able to meet demand for months.

Fitzgerald says, "You can't just press a button and have these things come out."

The makers of Bubba's hovercraft estimate its pricetag would hover at around $30,000 or even $40,000.

Noted one poster "rich man's sport just got richer." but at least Bubba didn't mow down golfers like Jackie Chan did with a giant hovercraft in "Rumble in the Bronx".

Better to get hit by a flying golf ball than a flying bubba hova.

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