LAS VEGAS, NV (CNN) -- Las Vegas keeps finding new ways to reinvent the American wedding ceremony. A new wedding chapel has opened at a Denny's!

Like bacon and eggs or pancakes with syrup, a wedding celebrates the pairing of two parts made better together, so what better place than in a Denny's diner?

On today's menu, the combo of the day: Nancy Levandowski and her groom Steven Keller, the first to say, "I do," in the new Denny's chapel at Neonopolis.

The manager says, "I cater about 130 weddings a year. I work in the food industry, so, for me, I didn't want to have to worry about the wedding, but also to have something unique and memorable. And this will definitely be that."

Mother of the bride approved, a grand slam celebration includes a "Slamosa" toast and a pancake puppy cake and a very Vegas way to say, "I do."

Another selling point: the basic wedding package at this Denny's costs about $99.

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