LITTLE ROCK, Ark. KTHV) -- Through our partnership with the Department of Human Services, THV 11 saw how much the three young girls up for adoption have suffered, yet the hope of finding a new family still runs strong.

Kayleigh, 8, is the oldest of the three, and she's extremely curious and outgoing. She's also the one who remembers the horror most.

"Sad, I get real mad," said Kayleigh.

"Me too," added 4-year old Lexie. "I start crying. It was really sad." Lexie remembers but struggles to understand.

"They're adopting us to have a new mommy and daddy," Lexie shared. "Because our other family made bad choices. They fighted. My daddy fight with my mommy."

The baby of the bunch is Layla, who is only two.

"She's just a little bit shy," explained Lexie.

They make up a resilient trio. They share the same mom, different dads, and a bond that is unbreakable. Before they came into foster care about a year ago, they lived in constant fear.

"So we had a little tiny window. We opened it and snuck out of it," described Kayleigh. "We ran, and then were in the front yard yelling, 'Somebody come help us.

At Little Rock's

Museum of Discovery

, they shared that they hope someone will give them a home, keep them together, and teach them what love means.

"Yea, we all want to be together," said Kayleigh. "We all wanna be in the same home, because we don't wanna be separate 'cause if we're separate, we don't know who lives where."

If you'd like more information on Kayleigh, Lexie and Layla or any of the children in state foster care up for adoption, go to the

Arkansas Department of Human Services adoption website


Special thanks to the Museum of Discovery. Managers opened the doors privately on Monday--a day they're normally closed--to host these special girls.

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