MAYFLOWER, AR (KTHV) -- A family closed on a home in Mayflower just hours before the oil spill hit the neighborhood they planned to move to.

Dr. Jonathan Jameson said his family closed on the home in the Northwoods subdivision about 1 p.m. last Friday. He would get a text message from his realtor about two hours later about an oil spill taking over his new neighborhood.

Dr. Jameson works at a Mayflower chiropractic and rehab clinic. He planned to live in town, too, but that's on hold right now after the oil spill.

"My initial reaction was 'That's just my luck,' you know?" Jameson said. "Once I signed the papers the house was mine. There was no turning back as far as that went...after probing and finding out our property was seemingly unaffected, and it was flowing down the opposite side of the street, it was alright knowing that."

Still, the father of a 2-year-old girl still wants to make sure that there's not a leftover smell inside the home.

"Of course you don't want to expose your children to anything that's going to be detrimental to their health," Jameson said.

He said ExxonMobil has promised to test air quality inside if homeowners want it. For now, he's keeping a positive attitude and feeling this spill is just one of life's curveballs.

"It was out of my control," Jameson said. "Life's always going to throw something at you. It's all about the way that you respond to it."

Dr. Jameson and his family currently live in Maumelle and have until the end of the month to leave that home. After speaking with ExxonMobil officials this week, he believes there should be enough time there to make it into his new home.

Dr. Jameson said that he's only been able to visit his new home once since the oil spill, and he actually could only see the outside of it because the current family still had their stuff inside.

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