UNDATED (CNN) -- Eleven H7N9 cases, involving four deaths, have been confirmed in China.

China's National Health and Family Planning Commission has required local medial departments to test the virus of H7N9 for those unexplained pneumonia cases.

It says places with confirmed cases should report the latest development on a daily basis. The commission has directed medical departments to provide timely treatment regardless of payment.

It has started the pilot study on the vaccine and also released three documents referring to human cases infected with H7N9 in terms of the diagnosis and treatment scheme, the precaution scheme and hospital infection prevention and control guideline.

Besides, the test reagents for H7N9 bird flu virus were sent to Shanghai Wednesday by the emergency response department of the Chinese Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

The test reagent is said can test directly whether the virus is H7N9 within a short period.

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