UNDATED (CNN) -- A homeless man's magic, movable mustache has led to growing fame. All he wanted was to get a laugh, but instead he's getting cash.

He may be homeless, but he has dignity. The only thing that crawls is his mustache. "Clydesdale" was discovered by YouTube pranksters who call themselves "Whatever" based in Santa Barbara, California. They specialize in pranks like "talking through people".

They had just finished shooting another prank when Brian Altarac stumbled on Clydesdale and commented on his beard. He says, "Oh that's a cool beard and he was like check this out and he did the mustache dance. Can you do it a couple of times is that cool or twitch mustache laughter I always see smiles. smile's a good thing."

With Clydesdale's permission, they put his mustache dance on YouTube.

Online commenters suggested taking up a collection for Clydesdale, maybe they could collect enough to get Clydesdale some new teeth, though that might mess up his movable mustache technique. In no time the fund broke the $1,500 mark. They went looking for Clydesdale, found him playing guitar in the park..

When they mentioned the cash, which will be collected until the end of the month, Altarac says, "He really didn't seem too interested and he wasn't in any rush to get the money."

It reminds us of the last homeless guy who got famous after being discovered panhandling. Ted Williams, the man with the golden voice, ended up on talk shows, wrote a book, does voiceovers, his life went up and down, he now lives in an 1,800 square foot condo in Ohio.

But when the payoff is smiles, sometimes it pays not to keep a stiff upper lip.

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