LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- April is National Stress Awareness month and today on "THV 11 at Noon" we're talking about what stresses you out.

We asked for your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter and shared some of your responses during the C-block.

But, not everything you hear about stress is the truth. Here are nine myths about stress busted from the Huffington Post.

1. Stress is a motivator - Sometimes it may seem that a little bit of stress is pushing you, but it's actually stimulation and engagement of setting goals and tackling new projects that really motivate you, not stress. Huffington Post says the stress is just a bunch of negative emotions on top of that.

2. A few drinks can help you de-stress - According to a 2008 study, alcohol actually stimulates the release of the stress hormone cortisol. Also, research shows alcohol and stress feed each other, making things worse.

3. If you have no symptoms, it's not affecting you - Stress can manifest in unpleasant ways like insomnia and weight gain, but just because you aren't experiencing this doesn't mean stress isn't affecting you. Actually chronic stress is linked to a number of negative health outcomes.

4. Stress will give you an ulcer - Contrary to popular belief, stomach ulcers are caused by the common stomach bacteria H. Pylori, not stress. Stress can, however, increase your levels of stomach acid, causing some nausea or discomfort.

5. Stress is unavoidable - While we can't control stressful situations from happening, we can control how we react to them. Be aware of what your triggers are, that way you can be better prepared to handle what comes your way.

6. Negative events cause stress - Both negative and positive events can cause stress. It's not the event, but how you react to it. Anything that disrupts your routine can trigger stressful emotions.

7. Stress symptoms are the same for everyone - Everyone experiences stress differently. There are so many things going on in your body when you get stressed, you need to learn to recognize your body's stress responses and manage accordingly.

8. Stress is an attribute of successful people - We live in a society that equates stress with productivity. Overworking really means that something's wrong, not that something's right."

9. Stress and anxiety are the same thing - They are both very different, but sometimes the exact differences aren't always clear. Anxiety is a diagnosable mental disorder, whereas stress is not. Stress comes from an event or thought that makes you upset or nervous, while anxiety is mostly fear and unease, sometimes without a known cause. Anxiety is also chronic and can get worse over time. Stress you can learn to manage.

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