CARLSBAD,CA (CBS/KCBS) - The nation's first Legoland Hotel is about to open! The new Legoland Hotel is located right off the 5 Freeway in Carlsbad.

It's an entire Lego World within a hotel built with a child's perspective in mind. And today is the opening day of the Legoland Hotel that sits just outside the theme park entrance in Carlsbad. Entertainment and event manager Laura Lee Juliano says, "You can experience the Legoland Waterpark, sea life aquarium, Legoland theme park and cap it all off by staying at the Legoland Hotel; it just seems like a kid's dream to me!"

Immediately inside you see a pit full of Legos that children can jump into and build with. Everything in the hotel is designed to foster an interactive experience, from the pit to the pirate ship, from the costume characters to the elevators. Hotel spokesman Jake Gonzales says, "So you come into the disco elevator and it's quiet. There's elevator music it's mild. Like the girl from eponema. And as soon as the doors shut it's like disco fever in there!"

All 250 rooms are decked out in Lego theme complete with a treasure chest that children can open by hunting down clues and cracking a code.

There are more than 3500 Lego models in the hotel, compromised of more than three million Lego bricks and thousands more that are loose and ready for children to dig in. Gonzales says, "We want kids to be able to go and touch and build and really utilize their imaginations to be creative."

Friday night is the first night that guests are staying in the hotel. It's already sold out tonight but there are rooms available for spring and summer vacation.

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