MAYFLOWER, Ark. (KTHV) -- Despite fears over the oil and Lake Conway, Friday's nice weather brought lots of fisherman out on the water, even a few boaters here and there. Everyone THV 11 talked to seemed just fine taking advantage of a nice day and going fishing in Lake Conway.

James Gibson made a catch Friday afternoon at the Lake Conway Dam. He's planning to use "these guys" for bait for an afternoon of fishing on Lake Conway.

"Crappie fish has been excellent the last few days, and I heard that catfish is getting pretty good, so I thought I'd come out and give my hand at it today," he said.

He came out one week after the nearby Mayflower oil spill, and he seems reassured that it's safe, especially by Arkansas Game and Fish.

"Game and fish biologists have been out here all week, and I talked to some of them a couple of days ago, and I trust that the fish out here are safe and the water is safe," he explained.

Other fisherman around the lake seemed OK, too. Some came out with boats, and catching wasn't so bad.

"I've caught a few fish today... One crappie and one small cat fish," he said.

THV 11 also checked in with Arkansas Game and Fish, and they've given the all-clear for Lake Conway fishing. They do monitor it and will update us if there are any changes.

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