MAYFLOWER, Ark. (KTHV) -- It's been two weeks since the Mayflower oil spill and 22 families are still living in hotels or with relatives.

Exxon is still working to remove the piece of ruptured pipe that spewed thousands of barrels of crude oil onto the North Starlite Drive in the North Woods Subdivision.

So far, some residents have retained lawyers, others refusing to move back to their homes even after the mess is cleaned up. But as for the rest of Mayflower, many of them say the hundreds of workers flooding their town and the national attention isn't all so bad.

"I mean, it put Mayflower on the map because we are a blink-and-miss-it town," says Theresa Long, eating lunch Friday at Stroud's Country Diner in Mayflower.

"Even though it's a bad thing for the people that had to move, I felt like maybe it was a good thing for the community to make money," says Long.

Mayflower, a town of just a few hundred people, is now buzzing with activity. Businesses are making more money with so many more customers flooding the town, including Stroud's Country Diner.

"We have been busy since the oil spill. The Exxon guys are very, very nice. No complaints here," says waitress Michelle French.

She says workers from all over the country have become daily customers over the last few weeks but she knows after the work is done, all of them will be headed home.

"Now they are like regulars because they've come in here, we get to know them and then it's time for them to leave," says French.

"I'm not gonna give you any bad news. All I have to say is good," said Ray York. He and friends play dominoes at Stroud's just about every day and have met a lot of Exxon employees over the last few weeks.

"It's unfortunate that it happened but since it's happened, Mobil Oil and all their people come in here have done nothing but good," says York. "I know there is a lot of people with the negative reports and I've seen a lot of negativity on Facebook but that is not true. We couldn't ask for anybody any better to come in and clean this place up."

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