LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- No matter what the question, no one can stump Dr. T. Glenn Pait with UAMS. He's cracking open up his medical mailbag to answer your questions.

These are the questions he covered:

-I've started eating more salads. Should I only try the low-fat dressings? Is that the healthiest way to go?

-I'm a healthy 64-year-old man who will retire this year. My doctor told me I need to lose fat from around my waist. Is there really a lot of danger by having a few extra pounds around the middle?

-My husband is a businessman who travels on commercial airlines. As soon as he gets on the plane he takes his laptop out. Is it healthy to use a laptop when flying?

-My husband is a champion belcher. It doesn't seem to bother him but it's very embarrassing and annoying to me. Any suggestions as to how I can get him to stop his belching?

Click on the video to hear his answers. And if you have a question for Dr. Pait, you can send it to

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