CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) -- Christen Kirchner, from Central Baptist College tied Kim Fraziers NAIA career homerun record on Friday vs. Haskell Indian Nations hitting her 76th career homerun.

In Saturday's game vs. Central Christian, Kirchner blasted her 77th career homerun, to take the go ahead lead for the most NAIA Career Homeruns, and to help increase the lady mustang's record to 30-10.

In Kirchner's four years at CBC she has lead the lady mustangs to an overall record of 192 wins, and 26 losses. In her freshman year she received All-American honors, while hitting 17 homeruns. In her sophomore year she blasted 26 homeruns, which lead her to receive NAIA Player of the year, as well as NAIA All-American. In her junior year she accumulated 17more homeruns to add to her total.

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