HONOLULU, HI (CNN/KHNL) -- A 19-year-old from Houston made the catch of a lifetime during his Make-A-Wish Foundation trip to Hawaii.

Sterling Ellis is in remission from Hodgkin's lymphoma. He'll undergo a bone marrow transplant when he gets back home. But before his procedure, sterling landed a real whopper!

"The Wild Bunch" captain Karl Adams says, "We just call it a blind strike. Just out of nowhere. We thought it was a tuna first. We really did."

Fifteen miles off of Kewalo Basin, sterling ellis' deep sea fishing adventure took off. He says, "I was reeling it, and then I saw this big black fin and then it just started going the opposite direction, taking all my line."

But the 11 foot long, 759-pound marlin didn't give up without a fight. Ellis says, "My arm hurt a little bit and he's like just keep reeling and I'm like, I don't think I can. Not that it's like pressure on me, but my arm is like locked up and I can't really reel."

The crew on "The Wild Bunch" helped him with the huge haul. In the end it took more than an hour to reel in the massive marlin. Adams says, "He was a little tired and that was half the battle, bringing it back in the boat. We're one of the few boats that don't have a transom door but we do have a Jim pole to get him in. And it took all my deckhand and myself and two kids that are not that big to get it in the boat."|

Ellis will get to keep the marlin's bill as a trophy and souvenir. The rest of the massive fish will be sold by the charter boat to pay for fuel.

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