MAYFLOWER, Ark. (KTHV) -- Senator Mark Pryor made a visit to Arkansas Monday and toured the site of the Pegasus Pipeline oil spill in Mayflower. It was the Senator's first visit to the site since the Exxon-owned pipe ruptured a month ago, spilling a type of crude oil into a nearby neighborhood.

THV 11 was not allowed to go along on the tour, but Pryor said he got a chance to speak with the affected residents. He's looking into ways he can help as officials from Exxon and the city clean up the mess.

"I'm gonna call Exxon and see if we can get all 22 of the displaced households together, and maybe at the high school gym or whatever, and see if maybe they can have an evening and answer any questions and help people," said Pryor.

Meanwhile, authorities in Mayflower announced the plan to get residents of the affected Northwoods community back into their homes. They pointed to the significant progress crews have made in the month since the spill. Storm drain repairs and landscaping are close to being finished.

As residents move back in, Exxon is promising air-quality monitors will be on hand throughout the process.

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