MAYFLOWER, Ark. (KTHV) - One month after an oil pipeline ruptured in Mayflower, the group Arkansans Concerned About Oil Pipelines along with the Sierra Club met Monday with Mayflower residents.

"We're urging officials to reject the Keystone pipeline," said Glen Hooks with the Sierra Club.

Hooks said he wants to see a reduction in American dependence on petroleum.

"We don't think America deserves those kinds of tar sands spilling all over communities," said Hooks.

Ryan Senia is one of the 22 affected homeowners asked to evacuate.

"This is like 10 to 20 times bigger than the pipeline that just burst. We really need to think about the impact before we make a final decision," said Senia.

Senia said he is not likely to ever move near a pipeline.

"Probably not, especially since this has happened to me," said Senia.

Hooks said he is concerned with politicians who have viewed the devastation in Mayflower and who continue to support the Keystone pipeline.

"I'm kind of appalled that some of our elected officials have actually come to Mayflower, stood there, viewed the devastation, and still reiterated their support for the Keystone Pipeline," said Hooks.

He said he was referring to lawmakers like Congressman Tim Griffin and U.S. Senator Mark Pryor.

"I am a supporter of Keystone," said Senator Pryor.

Senator Pryor believes pipelines are the safest and least expensive way to transport crude.

"The new pipelines, the materials are better. The technology is better to monitor it," said Senator Pryor.

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