UNDATED (CNN) -- The Federal Reserve is working on something new for your wallet.

George Washington was a great leader and great president. But when most people reach in their wallet, they'd rather see Ben Franklin. That semi-smiling c-note smirk seems to say, "I'm a hundred times better."

It's certainly more popular overseas. Of all the American $100 in existence, 65% of them, are held outside the U.S. that's part of the reason why the federal reserve is changing it.

It's the fourth time they've done this. They're trying to make it easier to be sure a bill is genuine and harder to counterfeit it.

The new hundred has a blue ribbon; it's actually a 3D strip that appears to change when you move it adding a new 'dimension' of security. It's the same idea behind the bell in the ink well. The Federal Reserve plans to start circulating the new Benjamins this October after spending more than 10 years coming up with the changes.

Maybe not everyone agrees they're needed, but Benny himself once said, "When you're finished changing, you're finished." and his bill shows no signs of folding.

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