LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Arkansas Business) -- Investors yesterday gave the S&P 500 index another record close and its sixth straight month of gains. The S&P logged an increase of 0.2 percent Tuesday.

For the month of April, it rose 1.8 percent marking the longest advance since the seven months ending in September 2009.

Investors will be looking for signs about the health of the economy today when the Federal Reserve Board announces its latest decisions on monetary policy.

Most expect the Fed to keep interest rates at historic lows. The Fed will announce its decision at around 1 p.m. today.

Arkansas earning season continues

Here in Arkansas, earnings season continuing with the latest results from Arkansas Best Corp., the publicly traded trucking and logistics company based in Fort Smith.

That company reporting a first-quarter net loss of $13.4 million -- that's a narrower loss than the $18.2 million loss it reported last year.

Also on the bright side, revenue increased as well, hitting $520 million, up $80 million from last time.

In its report, the company cited "encouraging trends" but said gains were offset by higher wage and benefit costs for its union employees, which are represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Arkansas Best has been negotiating with the Teamsters on a new employment contract.

And speaking of earnings, Murphy Oil Corp. of El Dorado is set to report its quarterly results after market close today.

Analysts are expecting the oil and gas company's earnings to be about 97 cents per share.

Leo's Greek Castle get new owners

And finally, there are new owners at a long-time Hillcrest restaurant.

Frank Cox III and Thomas Alford III, both 24 years old, have bought Leo's Greek Castle, a Mediterranean restaurant on Kavanaugh Boulevard.

The two bought the place a few weeks ago from Hector Parodi. Parodi had run the restaurant for almost 20 years. The place was originally built as a filling station more than 60 years ago.

Cox and Alford say they've frequented the restaurant since childhood. They didn't disclose a purchase price, and they plan to make the restaurant as efficient as possible before adding new features.

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