UNDATED (CNN) -- A Justin Bieber fan rushes the stage, snowy lawn mowing goes viral, and a singing news anchor; it's the video that will have you talking is coming up now in Take a Look at This!

An overzealous Justin Beiber fan apparently ran on stage, grabbing the performer during his concert in Dubai Sunday. Security quickly acted, tackling the fan, the piano Bieber was playing took a tumble, too.

According to various reports, Bieber continued with the concert as if nothing had happened. A rep for the performer would not comment on the incident.

The mayor of Roland, Iowa didn't let a little springtime snowfall get in the way of his yard work. He says, "I was getting ready to go to work and it was snowing, oh man it's May, I'm gonna do something stupid, just for fun for something to remember."

He asked his wife to record his stunt, and the video went viral. Vicki Fritz says, "Oh, they think he's hysterical, never did I know that so many people would be looking at it."

If his lawnmower survived the snow, he's hoping to bring it out again when the weather in Roland improves later this week.

The evening news anchor at KMPH in Fresno, California has a promising side gig. Monty Torres fronted a mariachi group during the morning newscast Friday.

his appearance was a surprise for the team on the morning show.

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