DOVER, Ark. (KTHV) -- Making a difference in the lives of her peers is something Kamrie Ewing has been doing for years.

"It's just all been by accident and it's amazing," Melanie Ewing explained.

Kamrie's mother was looking for a way to keep her occupied during the summer months, so she gave her a few rolls of ribbon and a pair of scissors. That is when 10-year-old Kamrie Ewing began creating what she calls her masterpieces.

"She said that she wanted to sell them and give the money to an orphanage, and I was just kind of surprised. I thought she didn't understand me," Melanie continued, but Kamrie understood.

The outspoken 10-year-old knew exactly what she wanted to do with her money.

"Christian, my older brother told me there's an 11-year-old that goes to school in Russellville and she had cancer." Kamrie explained.

So, she began selling her ribbons at her brother's baseball games.

"My goal was to raise $500, then it was $1,000," she recalled.

To the surprise of almost everyone except Kamrie, she actually surpassed her goal.

The 10-year-old started a non-profit organization called

'Kamrie's Colorful Creations'

to help raise money to help children in need.

In the past year, Kamrie has raised over $9,000 selling brightly colored t-shirts with the slogan, "If you can't help 100, help JUST1".

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