LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A Little Rock teen, who wants to go by the name "Dylan," said he isthe victim of "swatting".

Not sure what that is? Let us explain. Swatting is when someone calls the police and SWAT team on someone else's home as a prank.

"Due to technology right now, it's pretty much easy for anyone to do," said Dylan.

Dylan, 19, said someone posing as him called police, making threats of killing people and blowing up homes. As a result of the call, Little Rock police and the SWAT team went to his home on Pebble Beach and arrested him.He was later released.

Dylan said it all happened after he visited a website called He said auser became disgruntled after a heateddiscussion withhim and several other users.

"He had been giving the site a bad name, and he had been maliciously attacking most of the members," said Dylan.

Dylansaid whoever made the call contacted him on Twitter saying, "Doing some research here, how's your front door?"

Moments later, the SWAT team arrived.

The Little Rock Police Department said they are now investigating and actively searching for the person responsible.

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