UNDATED (CBS0 -- TV psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers died Monday. The 85-year-old enjoyed a long career giving advice and making cameo TV and movie appearances and all of it started on a game show.

She said, "All of us have problems that we can deal with and put behind us and never let them bother us again."

For five decades, this Columbia University-trained psychologist doled out advice on child care and marriage and taboo topics like menopause and impotence. She said, "Confession isn't always good for the soul or for the psyche either."

Her television career began in 1955, when her husband Milton was in medical school and she had quit her college teaching job to be home with her newborn. They didn't have enough money, so Brothers hatched a plan of entering the television quiz show, "The $64,000 Dollar Question."

The producers picked her but said she needed to compete as an expert on boxing.

So she memorized 20 volumes of a boxing encyclopedia and became the second person and only woman to win the show's top prize.

Her celebrity opened doors and soon after, she was hosting her own shows on television and radio.

She also made cameo appearances on television shows and played herself in many movies. She was a columnist for Good Housekeeping magazine and wrote 15 books.

Dr. Joyce Brothers was 85.