LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The Powerball jackpot will hit $350 million for the upcoming drawing on May 15.

"It's been very busy," said Michael Darty, of Road Runner Convenience Store.

"Everybody that's come in at lunch bought food items, and then, always at the end, they ask for a lottery ticket," Darty said, as customers lined up for their chance to win $350 million.

"I pick my numbers from like the kids. My nieces and nephews birthdays," one customer claimed as they stepped up to the counter with a pencil and a plan.

Each person has their own strategic method of how they chose their numbers, but no matter what they choose, sales are looking pretty good here in Little Rock, which means good things not just for those playing their lucky numbers but for students in the state as well.

"So anytime we get a larger jackpot we make more money because sales are more and anytime we make more money, the amount that goes through to scholarships are more," Bishop Woosley explained.

Woosley, director of the Arkansas State Lottery, said previously, the scholarship program was underfunded and the demand was more than they expected. While this jackpot, may help increase the fund, it may not go toward scholarships for this upcoming school year.

"Scholarships that were set in the last legislative session so they are what they're going to be unless that's changed by the legislature," Woosley continued.

Regardless of when the money will be applied, Little Rock residents are hoping they win big to help out their community.

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