GRANBURY, TX (CBS) -- A series of spring tornados slammed North Texas Wednesday night killing at least six people, injuring dozens and destroying homes.

Daylight revealed the tornado damage this morning in the hard hit town of Cleburne, Texas. Dozens of homes were destroyed, debris was sent flying into backyard pools in the well-to-do suburb where about 30,000 people live. A trucking company trailer that was parked on the street landed outside one resident's garage.

A funnel cloud was caught on tape as a deadly twister approached Granbury, Texas. Survivors say the tornado practically wiped out two neighborhoods. Survivor Patricia Barron says, "I had my kids in the hallway with a mattress and we were just praying we would come out of it alive and thankfully we did."

Police say at least about a dozen people are unaccounted for, but it is not certain if they left the area on their own. More than 50 people were taken to the hospital. Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds says, "They had injuries related, anywhere from lacerations, contusions, and fractures."

Another tornado hit the small town of Millsap, about 40 miles west of Fort Worth. Several homes were destroyed; however there are no reports of serious injury or loss of life. But in Granbury this morning, there is concern the death toll will rise as crews search damaged homes.

Witnesses say hail as large as grapefruits pelted some areas.

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