JOHNSTOWN, PA (CNN/WTAJ) -- A bus driver in Pennsylvania got an unexpected passenger on his route earlier this week. the scared deer actually came straight through the windshield.

Camtran driver John Porte had a passenger make a smashing entrance. He says, "something caught my eye and next thing I knew the deer came through the bottom of the window and tried getting back out."

Porter was on Goucher Street when this deer got airborne and crashed through the front window and it crossed the yellow line while the bus was still moving, a big no-no.

The frantic deer scrambled, trying to get out. porter says he brought the bus to a quick stop. He then let the deer out but there was one problem, he left without paying.

One passenger was in the very back of the bus when this deer tried hitching a ride. Porter says other than the bus damage he's ok.

It was one ride and a passenger porter says he won't soon forget.

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