LINCOLN CITY, OR (CNN/KVAL) -- They say age is just a number, and two grandfathers took that advice to the most muscular competition in Oregon.

Body building is all about showing off all the hard work you've put in. in a sport where the human physique is literally everything, advanced age doesn't give you an edge.

but don't you dare tell that to Felton Campbell or Mike Huard. They may not look it, but both have grandkids and both are over the age of 60 but are still going strong at the Oregon Iron Man Bodybuilding Show at Lincoln City against hundreds of much younger competitors. Campbell says, "And you never know what age you're going to run against. Right now, me and Mike's goal is to beat someone in their 40s, which will happen this year."

Huard says, "Here's where it works to our advantage - it's because we're mature, we've been through all the testosterone spurts, we're having fun, it's keeping us really healthy."

Campbell ended up beating Huard. But they both say their friendship is more important than competition.

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