VILONIA, Ark. (KTHV) - It's tough being a young kid. Most everyone at a young age has dealt with some form of teasing, bullying, or anything that made you feel less than your peers. But, one Vilonia 4th grader has put her talent to work, fighting bullying with her own talent.

She became the most popular girl on the playground Wednesday afternoon. (News cameras tend to bring that kind of attention.) But, on most days, Isabella Overstreet said she tends to blend into the background.

"There were many days when I was on the playground just crying my heart out because I couldn't find any friends," said Overstreet.

As a bullied 2nd grader, Overstreet said she remembers the mean names a few classmates called her and when she heard even meaner names shouted at a young boy, she had an idea.

"There was a kid being bullied on the bus, and I didn't want to look behind me because he I knew that he was just crying. I could hear crying because someone was making fun of him and his name," said Overstreet.

That is when Overstreet decided to make a movie. She gathered a few friends, her principal, and even used her school as the setting to make a short film about a girl being bullied and how she eventually uses love to get even with her classmate.

"If you feel you are being bullied, talk to a teacher, Mrs. Floyd or Mr. Pennington. And, if you are being a bully, stop," said Overstreet in her short film, called 'Just a Kid.'

It's just one way Overstreet hopes to not only help her classmates but other young girls who've felt like she has.

"My only intention for this is to be the voice of kids that don't have enough courage to use their own," said Overstreet.

Today, Overstreet said her bullied days are behind her with more happy friend-filled days ahead.

"I feel like I have more confidence gaining to just be myself," said Overstreet.

Isabella wrote the script for the film herself with the help of her Mom. They even had a watch party at her church. Her principal plans to show the video school wide. They said Vilonia Primary School is a no bully zone, and they think this video will help keep it that way.

To watch the short film 'Just a Kid', click here.

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