CONWAY(KTHV) -We all do our best to give back to our communities maybe through a charitable donation or volunteering at an event. But, for about the past ten years a retired Conway school teacher, has given back through a bag of popcorn for his neighborhood kids.

THV 11 found out us about this story througha hand-written letter mailed to us recently about 82-year-old Monty McMahan. His son wrote us a two-page letter about a simple act of kindness that sends kids to hisfather'shome once a month for a free after-school treat.

Monty McMahan gears up for a special day in his neighborhood with a little advertising out front.

"Buttery salt for the popcorn. Got to use what I think is the best," said McMahan, as he pours that salt into a cup of kernels.

It's part of the recipe for his popcorn that gets "popping" every year around late August.

"When school starts is when I start," McMahan said.

He's starting a tradition about a decade old now, "bagging up" a treat for the neighborhood kids.

"Your welcome, Hi there!" McMahan said to some kids. "I may have given it to them twice in a month, but I've never missed a month."

He even has a school bus that comes to his home for a quick "popcorn stop" on the way home.

"You give the driver one," McMahan said to a student.

He's doing it all on his own time and dime, and happy to do it.

"I just like the kids and like to do things for them," McMahan said.

And the kids seem to like it too!

"It's yummy," Cameron Martin exclaimed.

"It's really nice," Jessica Lesley chimed in.

"It's very good," Truman Martin added.

The kids seemed happy with this treat but a little "bummed" that this is the last stop for the year.

"Well, mixed feelings it's sort of nice to stop for awhile, and it's nice to start up again," McMahan said.

And, he will do that when the new school year starts in August, "popping up" another round of this simple generosity and hoping to see more of this beyond his garage.

"And, the other neighborhoods, some of those people should try things like this for the kids. I think they would enjoy it," McMahan said.

McMahan said some neighborhood parents also enjoy a bag here and there. He even leaves some of the extra popcorn for his garbage collectors.

He also told us that thisis not his first go-around with popcorn making. He said that he was in charge of the concession stand at his school during his first year of teaching more than 30 years ago.

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