STUTTGART (KTHV) - When it comes to bullying, it's not often thatwe see video of the incident itself. But, on Thursday, a THV 11 viewer sent us a video of a recent event involving her teenage daughter at her school.

THV 11 is blurring out the faces in the video and distorting their sound because of the minors involved. At the mother's request, we also want to protect the victim. One face, however, that you will see outside the video is a concerned mother, who's adding another layer to the fight against bullying.

A 9th-grade student said the incident started at a classroom on Wednesday at Stuttgart High School. We talked with her Thursday at her home where she claimed that she did nothing to provoke this.

"I was sitting there just minding my own business. Next thing I knew, it hit the fan," the girl said.

She and her family said this video is now on social media.

"I hardly even slept last night because I was thinking about what they were doing to her in that video," Tammy Hankins said.

The girl's mother, Tammy Hankins, said that bullying is an ongoing problem for her daughter, who is in the high school's Alternative Learning Program. Hankins admitted that her daughter has a history of outbursts in the classroom but feels bullying is to blame.

"It has really affected us because she comes home angry or whatever, and she tries to tell us this is going on, but we're not seeing it for ourselves until we saw that video," Hankins said.

It's something hard to swallow for this mother, speaking outnow to raise more awareness about bullying.

"If there are other parents out there going through the same thing, stand up for your kids because it's not right," Hankins said.

It's a plea from a mom and daughter to stop bullying at their school and beyond.

"It's just now getting to the point where I can't learn. I can't do nothing. I'm flunking math," the girl said.

THV11 did reach out to the school district and Stuttgart police about this case but never received any calls back. The girl's mother said she has reached out to a school resource officer. She heard that a complaint will be filed early next week.

As for the day the latest incident happened, the girl said that she brought her concerns to someone that she called "a coach" at the school, but she said she didn't get any help.