LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- THV 11 Film Critic Jonathan Nettles says The Hangover Part 3, lacks a punch line.

In The Hangover Part 3, the Wolf Pack bands together once more to take Allan to a rehab facility in Arizona. Along the way, they are run off the road by a Las Vegas area gangster known as Marshall. If you'll recall a line from The Hangover where "Black Doug" realizes that he sold Allan the wrong illegal drugs, he says "Marshall is gonna kill me", it's that Marshall. Marshall takes Doug and tells Allan, Stu, and Phil that they must find their trouble-causing friend Mr. Chow and trade him for Doug. Their quest leads them to Tijuana and then back to where it all started, Las Vegas.

Maybe it's worn off on me, but The Hangover Part 3 is just not as funny as Part 1. In my opinion, each one has been a little bit worse than its predecessor. The third outing is less vulgar than Hangover Part 2 (which is a good thing) but it didn't offer any of the shock and surprise humor from Part 1, which wasn't really that vulgar when you look back at it now. It missed its punches. A good joke, no matter the context, sets you up, pulls you in, and then BOOM, delivers the punch. The Hangover Part 3, suffered from a lack of punch. There was lots of set up but there was a lack of drawing in and a further lack of punch. I think the problem is that when you up the comedy ante, you can only go so far before you have to reel it back or the jokes that worked before just aren't funny anymore. That's what The Hangover Part 3 was, a joke with a punch line that you've heard before and was funny the first 2 times you heard it but now it's just repetition and there's nowhere to go.

On a side note, after a film, I like to sit in my seat and type some notes into my phone so I remember some things I want to hit on in my reviews. It gives me time to collect my thoughts and keeps me from forgetting things that I want to tell people about a movie. Usually, it's a few phrases of 3-5 words, just some bullet points. Normally, I'm done long before the credits are over. For The Hangover 3 I typed out 6 bullets points and the credits where over before I finished. It's not an indicator of how good or bad a movie is, but it is an indicator of how much they spent making it. Less names at the end mean less people to pay.

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