KALAMAZOO, MI (CBS/WWMT) -- Two pieces of music history, once played by the King of Rock and Roll and Man in Black were badly damaged, but now they're being brought back to life.

Pete Moreno's been working on guitars for five decades, with two of those decades with Gibson Guiltars. Right now he's a third of the way through his latest project brought to him by a collector. With the names on those necks, it's hard to miss who they belonged to. Moreno says, "He brought the paperwork to show they're real and I'm like, 'Oh my God.' There's hundreds of repairmen but I was picked to repair it so I feel really good."

Cash and Presley were two legendary singers with completely different styles. Moreno says, "When he walked up he was like 'Hello I'm Johnny Cash' and just in black that was so good. The neck is very narrow compared to guitars nowadays. It's so tiny - unbelievable. Elvis was more of a showman."

It's grabbed the attention of his regular customers. Moreno says, "They want to play 'em and I'm like no I don't wanna play you can look but you can't play."

Moreno's workload won't shrink anytime soon because he's about to repair one that belonged to Jimmy Hendricks in the next few weeks. The value once it's finished may be priceless.

Once they're all fixed up, they may be sent back to museums across the country.

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