LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - In light of an interstate bridge collapsing in Washington StateThursday evening, some people are wondering if a situation like that could happen in Arkansas.

A worker with the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department said that is not a concern that drivers in The Natural State should have.

However, 850 of the 12,000 bridges in the state are considered 'structurally deficient.'

"Structurally deficient doesn't necessarily mean that they are going to collapse," explains Bill Ellis with the Arkansas Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department. "It just means there is an element or part of that bridge that does not meet the strength that we would like it to have."

Some Arkansans were affected by a collapsed bridge in 2002. Fourteen people died when an I-40 bridge fell into the Arkansas River, just across the Arkansas-Oklahoma state line.

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