SCOTT, Ark. (KTHV) -There are new developments in a fatal car wreck in Scott Friday morning. We now know the names of the three people killed and the six-year-old girl injured.

Arkansas State Police released the preliminary crash report on Fridayevening and it says that all of the victims are from England. Those who died are James W. Freeman, Hannah A. Freeman and Elizabeth A. Noe. The report says that six-year-old Trinity Craig was injured, and as our last check, she was stable in the hospital.

We don't officially know the exact relationship between all the victims but we do know thata fisherman and his son from Little Rock were the first to discover them.

Still in theirfishing clothes late Friday afternoon, Rev. Robbie Green and his son Anthony tell us about day thatthey don't want to ever experience again.

"That's a site that I don't want to see no more," Rev. Robbie Green said.

The two spent the morning fishing on the Old River in Scott. When they heard a loud squealing of tires, they suddenly became "first responders."

"We started calling 911 before we could even get off the water because I knew it was a bad accident," Rev. Green said.

Itbecame a single-vehicle accident scene that would later fill up Highway 161 with authorities and a helicopter. But Rev. Green and his son were the first ones there. They found theGMC Jimmycovered under a tree, three people dead and a young girl alive but tangled up inside.

"She kept saying she was going to die and when I told her she wasn't going to die, she said don't leave me," Rev. Green said.

Rev. Green was able to get her out of the car and comfort her while his son flagged people down from the road.

"There were a couple people who decided they were just going to keep on going and there were a couple of good Samaritans thatwanted to see what was going on and they helped out us," Anthony Green said.

They received a little more help before paramedics arrived. Crews flew the girl to the hospital while authorities began investigating what turned a father-son fishing trip into a nightmare.

"Once you walk onto something like that, you just can't shake it off," Anthony Green said.

Along with the father and son, THV 11 talked to a nurse who also helped out before paramedics arrived. Shesaid that shehelped stabilize the young girl's neck because she didn't know if she had a spinal injury. The nurse declined an interview, saying this was something she doesn't want to relive.

There is no word yet on whatexactly caused this crash. But the preliminary report from state police said the driver lost control and went off the road. While he tried to get back on the road, the car began spinning and later hit a tree.

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