LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- From hot dogs and nachos to funnel cakes and deep-fried Twinkies, it might seem impossible to eat smart while enjoying Riverfest this weekend, but there are some healthier eating options you can choose.

Registered dietitian Kristen Rowe has somealternatives you mightwant to consider before indulging in those high calorie entrees.

Giant Turkey Legs

1,136 calories, 54 g. fat


Chicken on a Stick

251 calories, 6 g. fat

Deep Fried Banana Pudding

1,735 calories, 43 g. fat


1 cup of Yarnell's "Death by Chocolate" ice cream

280 calories, 16 g. fat

Nachos plate

860 calories, 59 g. fat


"Plain Jane" hot dog

240 calories, 14.5 g. fat

Funnel Cake (not including chocolate and caramel sauce)

760 calories, 44 g. fat


Apple slices with caramel and pecans

390 calories, 13 g. fat

Other Healthy Eating Tips for a Festival:

-Avoid fried foods and items covered with cheese.

-Rethink your drink: soda, lemonade, and alcohol are loaded with "empty" calories.

-Share! Most portions at a festival are meant to be split with others.

-Pick one item and stick with it. Calories add up if you graze.

-Exercise more.

Diet-Related Health Risks:

-Hypertension (High blood pressure)

-Heart Disease

-Type 2 Diabetes


-High cholesterol and triglycerides

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