LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- This week's Brighter Side tip was sent to us via Facebook. THV's Alyse Eady traveled to Cabot to meet the man responsible for getting students days started off on the right foot. Meet Mr. Damon Bivins.

With fist bumps, kind words, and even a little dancing, Cabot Middle School North students are welcomed to school each day, rain or shine. Volunteer Damon Bivins has more than enough energy to go around. He says, "I get way more out of it than seeing the kids smile than they ever do."

No child goes unnoticed, no car door left unopened. He says, "I don't know what possesses some of the stuff I say and do but the kids get real happy and they smile as they walk in the building and that's the most important thing."

Students like Maggie Martin and Gracen Turner look forward to this special experience each morning. Maggie says, "It just makes me happy, just overjoyed with encouragement for the day." Gracen says, "It just makes me feel a lot better and have a good attitude for the day."

Mason Martin agrees with the girls saying, "I think my morning would just be boring without him."

He started doing this several years ago when he saw a need while taking his 2 boys, Brayden and Mason, to school. He says, "There were cars all over the place, there were kids walking, kids almost getting run over. Something needs to be done."

So he took it upon himself to be the car-line captain. He says, "It's just kind of built up and it's something I live for every day. It's truly a blessing, I wish more people could feel this."

As the school year draws to a close, Mr. Bivins has a few words of wisdom for the students as they enjoy their summer break.

No doubt he'll be waiting for them on their first day back at school in August with plenty of fist bumps to go around.

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