Vicksburg, Miss (USACE) -The Vicksburg District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) has updated its earlier reported closures dated 12 June 2013. The Corps has re-opened all recreational areas and other facilities at DeGray Lake and Lake Greeson.

At Lake Ouachita, the following sites are re-opened:
Brady Mountain campsites I-50 and 55-74 are re-opened Crystal Springs boat ramp re-opened Crystal Springs campsites 1-22 re-opened; Group Camp Area D 1-4 re-opened Joplin campsites 6-14 re-opened, 18-45 reopened; 64 re-opened; 64 re-opened Tompkins Bend campsites 1-16 re-opened; 31-43 re-opened Tompkins Bend boat ramp re-opened Little Fir boat ramp re-opened

Boaters are reminded to always watch for debris washed into the lake from the recent heavy rains in the watershed area and let others know where you will be boating. Always wear your lifejacket and keep the boat's "kill switch" attached at all times while underway. For more information, please contact the Arkansas lake offices at 501-767-2101.

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