BANGOR, ME (CNN/WABI) -- A special gown made in the 1800s that has traveled across the world was put to good use again in Bangor, Maine.

Being baptized is a rite of passage in catholic faith. For this family, it's this newborn baby boy's turn. Dad Bill Kane says, "Baptized in a gown that is a family heirloom of Erin and her family's."

Mom Erin Kane says, "The gown was made I'm 1866, and David is the 125th child to wear it." Grandma Angel Nason says, "The gown was made for my great, great, great, grandmother by her aunt. We have a record of all the children that wore it, so all of her brothers and sisters wore it and then all of her children wore it. She had ten children, and I believe some of her nieces and nephews also wore it. And, then it just, the tradition kind of started from there."

The delicate garment has traveled around the world. Nason says, "It's gone to Morocco, it's gone to Japan, my aunt was born in Nicaragua, so it went down to Nicaragua."

Upholding this tradition is a family legacy they are proud to continue. Nason says, "It's really awesome. And, it's very important to all of us. Not only with our faith, but, it helps, it helps hold our family together. It's a great way to keep our genealogy and the knowledge of our family alive. It's really kind of awesome to have that record, you know, it's kind of like almost a living record of the family."

It was an experience David's godmother and aunt Emily Nason says she will never forget. She says, "David smiling when the water was being poured over his head, that was a very special moment that I'm not going to get anywhere else and I'm always going to keep close to my heart."

She can look back and see the gown she wore during her baptism, and now the gown that's gone through six generations in her family. Emily Nason says, "It's just amazing on how quickly life goes by, but also at the same time, how something can last so long."

David says, "To have him be a picture in that photo album that dates back to 1866 is quite amazing." Erin adds, "Having my son in it, is just, it's really special."

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