UNDATED (CNN) -- There a bizarre mystery at a museum in Britain. What is making a nearly 4,000 year old Egyptian statue spin? Time-lapse footage captures the statue, locked in a glass case, turning on its own. But how?

Museum curators couldn't believe their own eyes, so they set up a camera and recorded for a week. Check out the time-lapse footage- the statuette rotates a full 360 degrees. Museum Egyptologist Ana Garnett says, "It's just a mystery. We really have genuinely no idea what's going on. It's certainly strange. You don't see that every day do you?" But she says she's not as disturbed as much as she probably should be. She adds, "I think it's really intriguing. Are you freaked out by it? I'm freaked out by it! "

Maybe there's a physical explanation for what's going on? Vibrations from museum visitors with clunky feet? Or too much traffic on the roads outside? Garnett says, "This is difficult to believe because there are other statues on the shelf which aren't moving whatsoever."

This statue dates back to 1800 BC. It was found inside a mummy's tomb and has been in the museum for 80 years. It just started spinning when it was moved to a new spot in the museum. Garnett says, "It's in a new location... does that mean that the spirit is angry? who knows? It's quite a nice shelf. I don't see why he would be particularly angry. "

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