ORLANDO, FL (CNN/WFTV) - A Florida supermarket manager, tired of people stealing from his store, took the law in his own hands. He took down a suspect and it was all caught on tape.

The dramatic takedown was something none of no one could have predicted. Just minutes before one of the takedowns, WFTV was at the "family foods supermarket" shooting a story about four different shoplifters caught on camera in two days including one man who allegedly stole meat, beer, sausage and even stuffed a whole carton of eggs in his pants.

Store worker Lenin Ubiera-Cruz was telling about that day, when by chance he spotted the same man right outside. He took off running after him, with our photographer right behind. First came the takedown, then later, store workers handcuffed him and took him to the ground, again!

You can hear it's not the first time he's taken down a suspected thief. Cameras were rolling when Cruz chased after this suspected meat stealer who punched an employee, then cut Cruz before he was arrested.

And the day before, he put another suspected crook in a full nelson. Cameras were there as police arrived and took Lawrence Ratcliff to jail, but not until Cruz gave him one last piece of his mind.

Lawrence Ratcliff was arrested and charged with petty theft. He pleaded no contest and served five days in jail with a $273 fine and a warning not to go near that store.

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