SHERWOOD, Ark. (KTHV) - A Sherwood veterinarian is getting a lot of backlash after an unhappy customer's Facebook post went viral, and now police are getting involved.

A routine check-up ends with three-year-old Rascal bruised and bleeding, and owner Rebecca Stroud wants the world to know her story.

"The way they were holding him and everything, I could tell he wasn't going to like it. Every other time we've taken him to the vet, he's been sedated, and this time he wasn't sedated," said Stroud.

For years Stroud has brought Rascal to the Animal Hospital & Clinic of Sherwood, and before now, there hasn't been a problem.

"I noticed his face was covered in blood. I asked what happened. He was like I honestly don't know, but I didn't do it. You can't blame this on me."

Doctor Lance Bogoslavsky, who has practiced veterinary medicine for more than 25 years, said he'd never deliberately hurt an animal.

"Would you have done it differently? The method's we've used in a nail trim are the same we've used for 26 years," he said.

After Friday's appointment Stroud went to Facebook, sharing her experience with the social networking world. Four days and thousands of comments and shares later, Stroud hopes to keep the effort going.

"I didn't think it was gonna go that viral that quickly, but I'm glad it got the word out because no dog deserves to go through that," she added.

Stroud said she plans to file a formal complaint with the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Examining Board.

On Monday, Doctor Bogoslavsky contacted Sherwood Police about a number of threats made against him and his office. As of this evening, he has yet to personally contact Stroud about the incident.

Rascal's story on Facebook:

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