LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - As Arkansans prepare for vacation season, law enforcement officers remind us home burglars are also making preparations.

Home security experts said taking simple precautions can save you heartache when you return home.

"Criminals can come by, they can see the mail piling up inside the mailbox. They know that you are on vacation so having a family member stop and pick up your mail once a day is a wonderful thing," said Ricky Mahler with Little Rock Security.

Mauler said exchange contact information with your neighbors, providing them the date you will leave and return.

"Having a family member or if you have an extra car parked outside in your driveway would be a wonderful thing," said Mahler.

He said you can discourage burglars by leaving a television, radio and lamps on near doors.

"The more you can do to deter them the better,so a chain link fence around it is a great option," said Mahler, referring to central air-conditioner units. He said newer alarm technology can detect a loss in Freon pressure.

Mahler said you should also protect your outside phone line.

"They target these because of the alarm systems that are still using telephone lines. If they cut that they think that there are no cops coming (and)that it'll just make noise inside the house," said Mahler.

He said many homeowners are opting for cellular-based systems to avoid phone lines. "The latest and the greatest are from your mobile phone or ipad you can actually control your alarm system," said Mahler.

He said using a smart device to arm and disarm your alarm system youcan avoid giving your alarm code out to nannies, friends, relatives or repair technicians.

Mahler said home surveillance camera systems are less expensive now.

"You can pull up and check and say, 'OKis somebody at my front door ...?'" said Mahler.

For a complete list of home security companies, including Little Rock Security, check the Better Business Bureau's website.

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