LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- After months of being shoved in ill-fitting shoes, neglected, and covered up by socks, it's time for your feet to shine. Show them some love with these star treatments.

Check out the complete list from Good Housekeeping: 8 Ways to Pamper Your Feet This Summer

1. Rough heels - The main issues with flaunting flat, open summer sandals are their lack of support and cushion. The result? Hardened heels caked with layers of dead skin. To soften, zero in on the area with a heavy-duty moisturizer formulated with vitamins A and E.

2. Cracks and fissures - When rough heels are left untreated, the skin will harden, grow thicker and eventually crack. Swap your pumice stone for a pumice cream which is less abrasive. Apply daily during your shower to help slough off dead skin cells, soothe inflammation, and moisturize.

3. Calluses - To treat calluses, keep them trimmed. See a professional to prevent nicking yourself and causing a serious injury. Also, wear supportive shoes or slip an orthotic into the lining to help offload the pressure.

4. Sunburn - It's crucial to apply a good sunscreen with SPF 30 all over feet and toes. Wear protective footwear when you walk the beach and treat sunburn immediately with aloe vera.

5. Stinky feet - The scent stems from bacteria breaking down the sweat, which tends to happen when feet are housed in less breathable socks and shoes. To prevent odor, keep your feet dry at all times and scrub feet daily.

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