UNDATED (CNN) -- A customer at a diner in Canada left a $10,000 tip. But the man's charity isn't the only thing raising eyebrows.

What kind of guy leaves a $10,000 tip on burgers and fries? One who's won $25 million playing the Canadian lottery. Clifford Luther owns the Old West Express in Saskatchewan and says, "I have to pinch myself every so often just to realize how generous he was."

Lotto winner Bob Erb was on a road trip when he stopped at the diner to eat. The two men ended up chatting. Cliff spoke of his daughter who had just been diagnosed with cancer.

Bob said he lost his 26-year-old son a few years back. On his return trip, bob stopped by the diner again for a bite. Luther says, "And I said, 'Hey, I didn't get a chance to stop in a bank machine. Can I write ya a check?' I said, 'For lunch.' He said 'Ah, no, no, no,' He says, 'I'll buy ya lunch.' I said, 'I'll leave you a check and a tip.'"

A $10,000 one, but that's not as big as the check Bob got last year. Since then, he figures he's given away $7 million, most of it to shelters and good causes in his hometown of terrace, British Columbia.

Giving away money isn't Bob Erb's only habit. He says he's been smoking pot for more than 40 years. Erb said when he got his check, "I generally smoke 10 to 15 joints a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year."

With his new-found riches, Bob Erb has been funding the fight to legalize marijuana even on that exciting day when he was introduced as the lotto winner. That day he lit up one just to "relax".

Now, maybe you think the lyrics to "because i got high" explains it, but a grateful, emotional dad knows better. Luther says, "He said, 'Go out and see your daughter. Make sure you go out and see her.' Yeah."

A pot lover won the jackpot, and now he's spreading around his potluck.

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