LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Today, we're discussing a sermon that's gone viral, after the pastor at an Oklahoma church goes off on a church member.

Reverend Jim Standridge of Immanuel Baptist Church said in a sermon, "And I noticed on the calendar I'm supposed to marry y'all. What makes you think I would marry you? You're one of the sorriest church members I have."

Standridge stands by his statement saying, "Most preachers would never do that, but I'm not most preachers. His duty is to protect his congregation. And you don't, it's like a business you don't bring everybody into one room and condemn somebody in front of everyone. That's not right. It destroys the person that is actually getting condemned."

Pastor Standridge he says he's not afraid to hold people accountable in a public setting. The pastor also says he's not there to grow a church, but to grow people. That man no longer goes to his church.

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