LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Today is about so much more than just fireworks. It's about celebrating America's birthday! But in case you're planning on going to Pops on the River or another fireworks show, here's a mini-lesson that will make you sound like a fireworks pro.

1. The Peony - This spherical "break of colored stars" fireworks display is apparently the most common, so your chances of spotting it in the skies are pretty good.

2. The Willow - It's a lot like the Peony and its variations, but this fireworks display produces trails of silver or gold stars that leave a weeping willow-ish outline.

3. The Palm - When this fireworks display bursts, it looks like a palm tree - go figure. Some even have a thick tail that resembles a tree trunk.

4. The Spider - Fast-burning and powerful, this fireworks display shoots stars straight out such that they look like spider legs.

5. The Rings - They can be arranged to look like atoms, but typically you see rings set within rings in this fireworks display.

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