DENVER, CO (CBS/KCNC) -- The Romans, the Mayan calendar, various religious figures and so-called psychics have all predicted Doomsday, the end of the world, and all have gotten it wrong. But that hasn't stopped people from preparing for it. So many are getting ready that they've been given the name "preppers."

Rory Royce with Ultimate Bunker says, "I think it starts with society people looting houses robberies fires riots stuff like that and it just collapses from there."

Rory Royce is selling protection with the ultimate bunker. a home away from home when there are no homes left. You can bury the bunker or simply hook it to your car.

The fallout shelters of the 50s are making a comeback as shelters for those known in the 21st century preppers. Jack Jobe of aurora is known as survivor jack. Everywhere he goes he takes his "72 hour" bag with him. In it is a blanket, matches, gloves, fire starter, knife, poncho, duct tape, slingshot, ear plugs and much more.

He's especially prepared in his home. It's filled with first aid supplies, hidden food supplies, and weapons.

At a recent Denver doomsday expo, entrepreneurs are seeking an expanded market by calling it "the end of your world."

For hundreds of families in black forest, their world has gone up in flames. and at the expo there a product called fire break, a gel designed to prevent that.

Survival has become big business. There's solar generators, glo-sticks that turn into emergency beacons and even a personal disposable toilet.
And if the end of the world does come it appears those dressed for the occasion will be outfitted in camouflage.

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